Lake Longhorn Houston's Scuba Diving and Triathlon Training Lake

Lake Longhorn Houston's Scuba Diving and Triathlon Training Lake


Welcome to Lake Longhorn scuba park! Lake Longhorn serves Houston and the entire Texas Gulf Coast with a scuba diving training lake, Triathlon Swim Training lake, SUP training lake, Kayaking, private parties/ company venue events and anything else needing lake water. Lake longhorn has a total of 100 acres with a 45-acre freshwater lake and 10 acres of dedicated land to serve the lake in League City, Texas for your enjoyment. Lake Longhorn is  family owned and operated we are dedicated to your lake enjoyment. We offer recreational scuba diving, scuba diving training, triathlon swimming, triathlon swim training, (SUP) Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking in the Houston and Bay Area. Lake Longhorn is striving to become the best lake dive site and open water swimming lake in Houston. So bring a dive buddy and dive in the lake or bring a buddy and swim your open water training swim. 

For Scuba Diving and certification, Lake longhorn dive site offers well-built top water docks with best swim ladders and scuba diving underwater platforms for scuba diving lessons for your certification, multiple large boats and swim-throughs for your underwater experience. We are adding more diving attractions on a regular basis with the goal of becoming Houston's best and favorite open water training facility in Houston, Texas. Just like any lake in the Houston area, visibility ranges from 3'-20' depending on the Houston area weather conditions, and the lake water temperature ranges  from  50 degrees to the high 80's depending on the season. The maximum depth of the lake to be found in 35' with a mean depth of about 25'.

 IMPORTANTAll Scuba Diving Instructors and Divemasters must provide proof of insurance with Lake Longhorn being on the additional insured before holding classes at Lake Longhorn and ALL students must sign the Lake Longhorn premise waiver. ALL scuba divers not in training must provide certification card before diving and have a Dive Buddy. All scuba divers must have a dive buddy and no solo diving is permitted in the lake without showing proof of a solo scuba diver certification. 

For Triathlon swimming and training, Lake longhorn offers premier open water swimming that will rival any lake, swim track buoys for Triathlon beginner swimmers and advance triathlon swimmers. Lake Longhorn swimming has safe easy access to the lake and the lake waivers are good for a year. 

IMPORTANTALL swimmers must sign Lake Longhorns waiver before swimming. 

For private parties and company Events, Lake Longhorn offers 10 acres, a covered pavilion with running water and electrical connections surrounded by large areas of green space with numerous shade trees and covered picnic tables with great views of Lake Longhorn. It is a beautiful place to just relax, cook BBQ or take a swim. Give us a call and we can price your lake event! 



 Lake entry Fees:

 Scuba Diving - $15 DAILY  ($150.00 yearly passes available)

 Triathlon Swimming - $10 DAILY ($150.00 yearly passes available)

 SUP - $15 DAILY ($150.00 yearly passes available)

 Kayaks - $15 DAILY ($150.00 yearly passes available)

 Spectators (no in-water activities) - $5 DAILY

 Private organized Events - Call for pricing  


Hours: 9 am to 7 pm

Contact Info

Office: 281-337-1722 (Will answer as Clear Creek Gun Range)

Cell: 281-757-2293